May 31 – First Market!

The first market opens Sunday, May 31st. Please read the following guidelines to ensure a safe market.

We ask that you leave reusable bags & pets at home, & limit the number of household members who attend the market.  If you are feeling under the weather, please refrain from attending the market. There won’t be coffee, music or gathering tables, and all prepared foods will have to be ordered to-go. For now we ask you do your shopping and return home.  

Vendor booths will be spaced apart and there’ll be a hands free approach to shopping. Please enter the market at the corners of the market space rather than between stalls. Luckily, we have a large footprint, so maintaining distance from others shouldn’t be an issue. 

Vendors will accept EBT as normal, and tokens will be disinfected between markets. Many vendors will accept cashless payments, such as pay pal, Venmo or Square.  

Also, if you’re able, we suggest you wear a mask to help protect your favorite vendors, market employees and neighbors. Thanks for your patience and support as we work through this all.