Squash Curry

by Market Manager

Did you love what you tasted at last week’s One Pot Cook-Off event? Treat yourself to this comforting recipe over the winter, and bring back warm memories of a wonderful 2012 season at the Northside Farmer’s Market!

Squash Curry

By: Fiona Stoner


1 Med to Large Butternut Squash, cut into inch cubes
1 Can Coconut Milk (I use the full fat, but light versions are also available)
2 Cups Veggie Broth or Chicken Stock
3 tsp (or to taste) red curry paste (I used Thai Kitchen)
1 bunch kale (lacinato is usually easier to incorporate than curly) cut into
Curry Powder
Tamari (I don’t use soy sauce because it is not gluten free)

Pour the coconut milk and the broth into your pot or wok; smear the red curry
paste onto your mixing spoon and incorporate it into the milk as the pot heats
up. Add curry powder, turmeric, a dash of cayenne, and tamari to taste. Add the
cubed squash once the liquid starts to buble; cook for 10-15 minutes or until
the squash just starts to soften. Add the kale and the basil and keep the heat
on. Mix in the kale so it gets all that spicy sweet coconut milk mixture all
over it. Serve when the kale is just wilted and the squash is no longer crunchy.
You can also add sweet potatoes to this or adjust for each part of the season
(Summer squash in the warmer months). Serve with rice or on its own. This recipe
can be a hearty vegan and gluten free dish depending on the broth and seasoning

Tip: quadruple the recipe and get a much bigger pot if you plan to compete in a
one-pot cook off! 🙂