The Northside Farmers Market (NSFM) exists to pursue the following goals:

  • To expand the availability of foods that are fresh, full-flavored, unique, healthy, and nutritious and affordable to the Northside community
  • To promote the sale of locally-grown farm products
  • To contribute to the vitality of the Northside of Madison
  • To provide an opportunity for farmers and Northside residents to interact directly with each other rather than through third parties and to thereby get to know and learn from one another
  • To give growers and producers of local agricultural commodities and other farm-related products direct marketing opportunities
  • To foster local and regional foodshed systems that support a commitment to mutual respect, fairness, responsibility and accountability from farmer through consumer
  • To support the local agricultural base by seeking products that have been grown and processed in ways that protect and enhance the air, water, soil, wildlife, and biodiversity
  • To preserve agricultural land use, support the local agricultural base, and ensure the continued regional existence of our agricultural heritage
  • To enhance the quality of life on the Northside by providing an activity which fosters community and social interaction