The Northside Farmers’ Market (NFM) has been providing the Northside of Madison with farm fresh, locally grown produce and other items since 2005. The market relies heavily on volunteers to perform many tasks to assist the market manager. Volunteering for the market requires a short time commitment based on your availability and all volunteer work provides wonderful assistance to market personnel.

“Behind The Scenes” Volunteer Work

Writing the Northside Farmers’ Market Newsletter and articles for the Northside News
Our newsletter needs to be transformed and you can help bring it new life! Using a newsletter service, a volunteer will help write and send a newsletter every two weeks highlighting events, in-season crops and other market information. Initial set-up of the newsletter layout will be required and you will be provided with information to put in the newsletter and also free to come up with your own relevant content! The same volunteer could also write articles about the market for the Northside News, which is published every two months. These articles focus on upcoming market happenings including events, what’s coming in season and anything else that we would like to highlight.

On The Ground Promotion
Help is needed to put up flyers in various businesses on the Northside to help promote the market, especially our indoor winter market. We’ll provide the fliers and a list of business to post them in. Any other ideas for promotion are also always welcome!

Managing the Northside Farmers’ Market Website –
All of the tools are provided for you to assist in updating and maintaining the NFM website. Help is needed from time to time to update the site with events, vendor information, and other details. This would be on an “as needed” basis and information to be updated would be provided to the volunteer.

Market Day Assistance

Volunteers are needed to help with market-day operations, helping to run things smoothly. Orientation and instruction is provided for all market day opportunities and market personnel are always on site to provide guidance and assistance if needed.

Set-up (outdoor market)
For just an hour (or less!) of your time, you can help perform some of the most essential functions at the market. Set-up begins at 7:30am on Sundays and volunteers help with setting up tents, tables and other market equipment. The most important part of this (at least to some of our vendors and customers!) is bringing coffee from our storage space down to the market after it has been brewed.

Tear down (outdoor market)
At the end of the market at 12:30pm, help is needed to take down all of the tents, tables, and market equipment, pack it up and return it to our storage space. This all takes less than 45 minutes and is a big help at the end of a long market day!

Information Booth/FoodShare Transactions (year-round)
Volunteers are needed to staff the information booth, answering questions and assist customers using their food assistance benefits at the market. Shifts are two hours and are essential to ensuring that the booth is staffed while the market manager and other personnel are tending to the other operations of the market.

Special Events at the Market (year-round)
From time to time volunteers are needed to help with special events at the market. This could be anything from our annual piñata event to assisting with planning future events. Great for anyone who likes to jump right into the action!

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