Interested musicians and other entertainers should review the Northside Farmers’ Market Outdoor Entertainment Policy and then fill out the application below.

Northside Farmers’ Market Outdoor Entertainment Policy

  • One act/group will be scheduled per market, with the exception of a special event day.
  • Specific acts may be solicited for special events.
  • Performance dates must be scheduled with the Market Manager in advance.
  • Performers are expected to play for a minimum of two hours but are encouraged to play longer.
  • The scheduled performer will receive $25 from the Northside Farmers Market. The performers will be allowed to put out a container to collect gratuities and sell promotional merchandise.
  • The Market Manager will include performers in our advertising, if possible.
  • Due to noise issues, power limitations, and neighboring vendors’ ability to work, the preferred style of music is non-amplified.
  • The Market Manager reserves the right to alter the sound levels as they deem necessary.
  • Placement of performers is solely at the discretion of the market manager.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.

Northside Farmers’ Market Outdoor Entertainment Application

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    Performer Agreement

    I have read the NFM Entertainment Policy and agree to the terms. I am aware of U.S. Copyright Law and fully respect its authority with regard to the playing of live music. I hereby certify that any music played at the Northside Farmers' Market is of my own authorship or in the public domain.

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